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Cigna Compass using anticipatory computing to help health plan customers stay healthy and lower costs

Cigna in January 2015 released Cigna Compass, a new application based on predictive algorithms to guide U.S. health plan customers in building their own personal health care team of practitioners and save money. Cigna Compass synthesizes data related to a consumer’s medical plan use, biometric data, incentive information, claims history, and coaching program involvement to improve health and lower health-care costs. It guides customers to stay in-network and choose local cost-effective options such as urgent care, preferred labs, and free-standing radiology facilities; educates beneficiaries on how plan funds work together to lower their out-of-pocket expenses; and reminds them about ongoing reward programs.

The high degree of complexity of the US healthcare system generates opportunities for providers to develop and market tools and services that allow beneficiaries to find their way in the maze.