What and Who We Are

The Mission and the Team

Global Benefits Vision was created from the realization that no digital, professionally published publication existed that covered global employee benefits and global mobility.

Our mission is to put the industry’s accumulated knowledge and wisdom about global employee benefits within the reach of organizations of all sizes, by demystifying the principles behind global mobility, multinational pooling, employee benefits captives and other tools of the trade and by sharing best practices. We shall offer these services at reasonable cost whilst ensuring the highest level of professionalism and unquestionable independence from providers.

Global Benefits Vision includes a monthly digital magazine built around several articles written by global employee benefits experts for their practitioner colleagues, incorporating knowledge and wisdom accumulated over years of experience, valid for years to come ; a free website featuring news and other information of shorter-term interest; and a structured, easily searchable knowledge database combining the in-depth articles and the news. In the near future, Global Benefits Vision will put its vast body of knowledge at your fingertips through thematic e-books, directories and training modules.

A truly global undertaking, Global Benefits Vision is proudly produced in the heart of Europe with team members from all over the world, particularly from the U.S.A., France, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and the UK.

The Team

  • Eric Müller-Borle, co-founder, publisher
  • Frédérique Hindryckx, co-founder, sales & marketing
  • Yazid Hammoumraoui, co-founder, operations & support
  • Julian Calne, general editor
  • Cheryl Rosen, senior editor
  • Agnès Molitor, senior designer
  • Olivia Dunn, assistant editor
  • Marc Signorel and the team at Outer Rim, web design and operations
  • Caroline Heisbourg, junior news editor

and all our contributors, foremost experts from the Global Employee Benefits, Global Mobility, and adjacent industries.