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    15/04/2022 GBV Issue 67 Table of Contents, April 2022GBV2021, Magazine, Table of Contents, ToC
    Issue 067,
    April 2022
    GBVGBV magazine, Magazine
    17/05/2022 MAXIS Partners with MindCo HealthEric Muller-Borle2022, Health, Healthtech, MAXIS GBN
    11/05/2022 Ludovic Bayard New CEO at GEBEric Muller-Borle2022, GEB, Generali, People
    26/04/2022 Federico Morosi New Chief Technical & Financial Officer at MAXIS GBNEric Muller-Borle2022, MAXIS, People
    13/04/2022 Unemployment Rate Drops to 5.2% in February 2022, OECDEric Muller-Borle2022, OECD, Statistics, Unemployment
    12/04/2022 OECD: Inflation Climbs To 7.7% in February 2022Eric Muller-Borle2022, Inflation, OECD
    12/04/2022 OECD CLI Indicate Growth May Be Slowing in Europe, Stable ElsewhereEric Muller-Borle2022, CLI, OECD
    25/03/2022 Frédéric Grand New Head MSH InternationalEric Muller-Borle2022, France, IPMI, MSH International, People
    03/03/2022 Inflation Again Accelerates in the OECD AreaEric Muller-Borle2022, Inflation, OECD, Statistics
    01/03/2022 Expatriates in Ukraine - Online Event by Fragomen 01 March 2022Eric Muller-Borle2022, Expatriates, Immigration, Ukraine Crisis
    01/03/2022 Roelandt Promoted Global Leader Captive EB Services - AonEric Muller-Borle2022, AON, People
    03/02/2022 Inflation Accelerates in the OECD AreaEric Muller-Borle2022, Inflation, OECD, Statistics
    03/02/2022 WBN Appoints Enrique Acevedo to BoardEric Muller-Borle2022, People, WBN
    02/02/2022 Gallagher and Cobee Announce New PartnershipEric Muller-Borle2022, Cobee, Gallagher, Products
    01/02/2022 IGP Launches CoE for EB Captives and Global UnderwritingEric Muller-Borle2022, Captives, Global Underwriting, IGP
    27/01/2022 Mélanie Birgé New Head WTW Health & Benefits FranceEric Muller-Borle2022, France, People, WTW
    13/01/2022 Zurich Sells Italian Life and Pensions BookEric Muller-Borle2022, M&A, Zurich Insurance Company
    13/01/2022 Dermot Corry New CEO at MillimanEric Muller-Borle2022, CEO, Milliman, People
    12/01/2022 SOKA-Bau Conference on Challenges of Posting in the Construction Industry - 18 January 2022 - OnlineEric Muller-Borle2022, Conferences, Global mobility, SOKA-Bau
    12/01/2022 Alan Fergusson New Global EB Practice Leader at WBNEric Muller-Borle2021, People, WBN
    11/01/2022 Inflation Continues to Surge, Reaching 5.8% - OECDEric Muller-Borle2022, CPI, Inflation, OECD
    11/01/2022 Willis Towers Watson Rebrands To WTWEric Muller-Borle2022, Brand, Marketing, WTW
    16/12/2021 Sanitas Joins Allianz Global Benefits in SpainEric Muller-Borle2021, Allianaz, Allianz Global Benefits Network, Pooling network, Sanitas
    19/11/2021 New Executive Committee Announced at Diot-SiaciEric Muller-Borle2021, Broker, Diot, Diot-Siaci, France, M&A, People, Siaci
    17/11/2021 Captives in France: not just yetEric Muller-Borle2021, Captives, France, Tax
    04/11/2021 The Added-Value of the Paritarian Model: AEIP Webinar 02 Dec 2021Eric Muller-Borle2021, AEIP, Conference

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