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You are a provider of Global Employee Benefits and you are likely to be an insurer, a broker, a consultant, a member of a pooling network, a captive manager, a reinsurer, a software provider, a lawyer, a TPA…

  • Demonstrate your expertise to your clients and prospects by contributing in-depth articles
  • Provide an invaluable continuous education resource to your Global Employee Benefits (EB) team members
  • Train local EB specialists to join the global team
  • Keep an eye on the competition and on key industry players
  • Use its rich contents as an input for your own customer presentations

You purchase or implement Global Employee Benefits and are likely to work for Group HR, as a Comp&Ben, in Rewards, in Risk management, as a CFO, in Purchasing in a multinational organization or an exporting firm.

  • Enhance your personal brand and contribute to the industry by writing in-depth articles
  • Provide an invaluable continuous-education resource to your global EB team members and other colleagues
  • Prepare local EB specialists for global responsibilities
  • Keep an eye on best practices and on key providers
  • Use its rich contents as an input for your own internal presentations (budget reviews etc.)

You are neither a provider nor a purchaser of Global Employee Benefits, but would like to know more about this fascinating field. You may want to understand Global EB as a component of your domain of expertise; you may wish to work in Global EB in the future; or you may just be curious.

  • Learn about Global EB with in-depth yet highly readable material brought to you by the industry’s foremost experts
  • Keep up to date with the latest key developments in the industry
  • Discover “who is who” in global employee benefits: experts, practitioners, organizations
  • Use its rich contents as input for your own work