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APRIL Group Sets Sights on Robust Expansion in the IPMI Sector: A Three-Year Strategic Vision Unveiled

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In a pivotal announcement at the recent broker conference in London, Eric Maumy, CEO of the insurance distribution titan, APRIL Group, and its subsidiary APRIL International UK, unfolded a bold three-year growth blueprint, particularly spotlighting the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) division. The strategy, meticulously crafted, is not merely a response to the current market dynamics but a forward-thinking approach to harness both the UK and global markets with an invigorated spirit.

Maumy articulated, “The IPMI market presents a ripe landscape for consolidation, especially amidst the dual challenges of Covid and escalating compliance costs that are straining smaller providers. Our strategic foresight is not just to sustain our stance as a formidable industry contender but to broaden our reach through M&A, organic growth, and delivering augmented value to our brokers and policyholders.”

APRIL Group, renowned for its adept understanding of the nuanced demands of brokers—who constitute 80% of its business—also gains invaluable insights from the 20% of direct business, which significantly influences policyholders’ needs. This bifocal insight propels the group to perpetually refine its offerings, infusing market intelligence into its operational, product, and system architectures.

The group’s growth strategy is multifaceted, encompassing organic expansion and strategic acquisitions, and is firmly anchored in its profound expertise in catering to the diverse needs of brokers and policyholders. Joe Thomas, Managing Director of APRIL International UK, affirmed, “Our strategic positioning has enabled us to sustain robust sales growth over recent years, notably during the Covid era, where we adeptly met the demands of both brokers and policyholders.”

A pivotal component of the IPMI growth initiatives is a digital-centric methodology, which prioritizes simplifying the broker experience and client management. The APRIL ON broker portal, a central hub enabling brokers to effortlessly access crucial client and business data, is integral to this digital strategy.

Moreover, the policyholder journey is set to be enhanced through pioneering digital solutions, including the global expansion of the Easy Claim app and the launch of new digital payment cards, which will further refine the claims process, ensuring more streamlined and efficient payment settlements for care.

Isabelle Moins, CEO of APRIL International Europe, emphasized the group’s meticulous approach to market entry: “Our ambitions in developing our IPMI business are underpinned by a keen focus on markets with potent development potential. We undertake in-depth research before entering a market, ensuring our commitment is steadfast and long-term.”

In conclusion, APRIL Group’s ambitious growth plans are poised to significantly reshape the international private medical insurance sector. By harnessing its profound industry expertise and unwavering commitment to innovation, the Group is set to perpetuate its successful trajectory, delivering premium services to brokers and clients alike.

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