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Randstad Releases 2018 Q2 Workmonitor Survey

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Global HR services firm Randstad in September 2018 released its Q2 2018 Workmonitor survey results. The survey tracks employee confidence and captures the likelihood of an employee changing jobs within the next 6 months, provides a comprehensive understanding of sentiments and trends in key job markets around the world. Published once per quarter, it also covers local and global trends in mobility, job satisfaction and motivation across 34 countries

The Q2 2018 survey emphasized employee willingness to do voluntary work. The survey’s results show that 65 percent of employees across the globe think it’s important to contribute to society by doing unpaid voluntary work, while 34 percent actually do unpaid volunteer work outside of work hours. Fully 73 percent of employees said that they would do unpaid voluntary work if their employer gave them time off to do so, while 27 percent state that their employer encourages employees to do volunteer work outside of work hours. Only 19 percent said that their employer gives them paid time off to do unpaid volunteer work of their choice.

In terms of social responsibility, 79 percent of global respondents said that they will only work for a company that has a strong corporate social responsibility program, and 58 percent found that a company’s charitable and philanthropic initiatives are important factors when looking for a new job.

Job Satisfaction and Appetite for Mobility

The Mobility Index changed slightly in Q2, compared to Q1, when respondents were asked if they think they will be doing the same or comparable work for a different employer within the next 6 months or if they thought they will be doing different work for a different employer within the same time frame.

Actual job changes increased slightly compared to last quarter, with highest job changes occurring in India and Malaysia, and the lowest in Luxembourg. The appetite for job change is the highest in India and the lowest in Luxembourg, Austria, and Turkey.

Job satisfaction is highest in Mexico, India, and the US, and lowest in Japan and Hong Kong. Satisfaction increased in Argentina, Belgium, Czech Republic and Malaysia, and decreased in Australia, Austria, Canada, Italy, Japan, Poland, and Turkey compared to last quarter.

The Workmonitor survey can be downloaded here.

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