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Dr. Leena Johns MAXIS GBN Head of Health & Wellness Leena’s particular area of interest is health data analytics; she works with Multinational clients, as well as local operations using claims data analytics to derive cost drivers, trends and areas of greatest financial change. She works with the various stakeholders to identify the areas to focus from a management perspective, recommending changes and modifications to policy terms and

Amin Rajan CEO CREATE – Research Amin Rajan is the founder CEO of CREATE–Research, a UK based independent research boutique that specializes in global fund management. Amin has presented the results of his work at over 100 major events in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific in the last five years. He also acted as a senior consultant to the most prestigious Investment Banks and Asset managers.

Philipp Dienstbühl Lurse AG Senior Consultant Pensions and Benefits Philipp Dienstbühl began his career after his graduation (diploma in mathematics) in 2009 at Bode Hewitt GmbH as consultant and actuary. Focusing more on general consulting and sales he moved to the “Pensionskasse der Mitarbeiter der Höchstgruppe VVaG” (a Pensionskasse is special form of an insurer for occupational pension plans in Germany) where he was responsible to represent the Pensionskasse towards its employers.

Anika Ort Lurse AG Senior Consultant Anika is Senior Consultant at Lurse and Managing Director of MRH Trowe & Lurse GmbH, a Joint Venture for insurance related corporate benefits consulting. After she studied business economics in Frankfurt, Anika became a graduate with diploma in International Employee Benefits at the Pension Management Institute in London. She started at Lurse in 2013 and manages the international relationships with business partners

Christine Stabell Benn University of Southern Denmark Professor of Global Health I am a medical doctor, head of the Bandim Health Project, centre leader for the Research Center for Vitamins and Vaccines, and a professor in Global Health at University of Southern Denmark. My research focuses on health interventions and their effect on overall health in real life. Based to a large extent on work done in one of

Ian Cooper Lockton Companies Partner Ian Cooper has responsibility for Lockton’s operations in Ireland and Scotland as well as the Employee Benefits businesses outside of the USA. He also lead Lockton’s strategies on Brexit and new investments. In addition, he is a Director of the British Insurance Broker’s Association (BIBA) and chairs its International and Wholesale Advisory Board. Prior to joining Lockton, he was a Senior Vice President with Marsh