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Gerald was head of HR for an international company and he was good at what he did; he knew the company and the industry well. He was trusted in the executive team as a provider of sound advice, and as much as any HR person could he considered himself to be “at the table.”

Selection for international assignments is not one-sided. Being able to select the right employee depends on having the right group from which to select, individuals motivated by “what’s in it for me?” If the best candidates cannot see a clear personal advantage, they are unlikely to volunteer.

“Corruption, and the perception of corruption, erodes trust in governments, businesses, and markets. In the aftermath of the greatest financial crisis of our time, we need to rebuild that trust more than ever before.

Vittorio Zaniboni has been appointed in April 2015 as Chief Technical Officer at GEB. Based in Brussels, Vittorio has been with GEB since early 1998, first as an actuary, then reinsurance manager and as chief actuary since late 2006. He joined Generali in 1996 after graduating from Trieste University with an MSc in actuarial sciences.

On April 1, 2015, Generali appointed three new regional Chief Executive Officers: Jack Howell for Asia, Antonio Cassio dos Santos for the Americas, and Jaime Anchustegui for the EMEA region. Jack Howell, 44, a U.S. citizen, holds an MBA from the University of Chicago School of Business. Howell worked for AIG, where he held several positions including Deputy Chairman of Strategic Operations and Chairman and CEO of Philam Plans,