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AlfaStrakhovanie of Russia joins AIG Global Benefits Network

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logoAIG Global Benefits Network announced that AlfaStrakhovanie Group has joined its network of 42 insurers. AlfaStrakhovanie offers medical, life, accident and disability coverage in Russia, where all but medical can be pooled. Alfa-Health Center Clinics, a project of AlfaStrakhovanie Group, provides high quality medical services to customers in 12 regions of Russia.

One of the largest Russian insurance companies with a full range of services for corporate and private clients, AlfaStrakhovanie Group offers more than 100 insurance services (including life insurance) for its clients and is a part of the financial and industrial Alfa-Group Consortium.

Frank Schmid, Chairman of the Executive Committee of AIG Global Benefits Network, said, “Our network is further developing its presence in the world. By adding AlfaStrakhovanie, the [AIG GNB] network is increasing significantly its capabilities in Russia and in the countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union.”

AlfaStrakhovanie Group’s 2015 premiums were RUR 233.5 billion, with a market share of 9.1%, making it one of the top 3 of Russian insurance providers.

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