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Cigna Foundation Announces Global Wellness Initiative; Ashoka builds Pilot Program

April 2016

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The Cigna Foundation, a private foundation founded in 1962 and funded with contributions from Cigna, in April 2016 announced that it is seeking grant, sponsorship, and “thought leadership” opportunities related to workplace health in Middle East, Africa, India, China, and Europe. This Prioritizing Workplace Wellness campaign emphasizes Cigna’s commitment to health equity and improving wellness via the global workplace and builds on Cigna’s vision of the workplace as being the first step toward bringing wellness training and awareness around the globe.

Many employers in poorer countries see higher absentee rates among employees because of accidents, illness, and conditions related to living in poverty. The Workplace Wellness initiative provides a means of support for companies that wish to provide on-site health assessments, treatment, and support for behavioral changes that promote healthy lifestyles.

As recipients of a $50,000 World of Difference grant from Cigna, Ashoka, a global non-profit organization, used their grant to build a Workforce Wellness Collaborative Innovation Lab in India. Called the “Vitalness@Work” program, this project is but one example of the Cigna Foundation’s commitment to offering funding and expertise to employers in poorer communities.


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