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Generali Launches New Cyber Insurance Division

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Generali in October 2018 launched a new Cyber Insurance division as well as a start-up, CyberSecurTech, to address cyber risks.

The new division combines cyber insurance products with Generali CyberSecurTech, led by CEO Remo Marini, and which will deploy cyber risk assessment methodologies for customers.

Generali recently launched the in-house designed and developed Majorana technology platform. It collects and analyses customer data, starting from an assessment of the customer’s web perimeter, then searching the deep and dark web for possible data leaks that may have affected the potential customer, and, finally, reviewing vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure. Subsequently, results are analyzed through a proprietary algorithm, leading to the development of an IT risk insurance policy and an IT security report for the customer.

The new platform was tested in Italy, where it was used to design and develop a new cyber offer for businesses, a comprehensive solution that includes risk analysis, prevention, coverage, and pre- and post-event support services.


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