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since July 31, 2015

Global Benefits Vision website live
since July 31, 2015

31 July 2015

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The team at Global Benefits Vision is proud to announce its website, live since July 31, 2015 at www.global-benefits-vision.com ! Thanks to the great work done by Marc at OuterRim and by Yazid at GBV, Global Benefits Vision is online one month ahead of the launch of the magazine.

What is available now

  • Read news in the free, public section of www.global-benefits-vision.com
  • Try out the magazine reader application (placeholder “magazines” are available for free: neither format nor contents are indicative of what we intend to bring out on September 9)
  • Subscribe online

And, let us know what you think! eric.muller-borle@global-benefits-vision.com

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