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Global Immigration Industry Association IIA Launched

July 2017

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Immigration Industry Association

The Immigration Industry Association (IIA), in July 2017 officially launched as a non-profit, professional association for the global immigration industry and the wider migrant and expat community. The association provides a forum for the immigration community to come together to network, share ideas, information, research and experiences. Its core objectives include:

  • Linking the immigration industry together and providing opportunities for collaboration
  • Creating a supportive forum for individuals, companies, non-profits and government bodies
  • Providing industry training, education and career development opportunities
  • Distributing industry-led research and insight among members
  • Creating opportunities for members to expand into new business areas and markets
  • Hosting networking events, seminars, an annual conference and trade missions
  • Ensuring confidence in the industry through the Immigration Industry Code of Practice and Quality Assurance Practices

As a non-profit association, the IIA is formed by way of a U.K. Community Interest Company (CIC), a type of company designed for organizations that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. It consists of Chairman Christopher Galway; Board members Paula McGeown, Steve Cottle, and Bruce Steentjes; and General Manager Geraldine Collett and support team.

The association offers three levels of membership, Sole Trader, Business and Affiliate, each allowing members to connect with a community of like-minded people to share ideas, research and strategic goals, as well as increase business referral partners. Members’ clients will have direct access to IIA membership services and discounts, including support with: visa advice; removals and relocation; banking and finance; and more.

The IIA is building a fast growing membership and recently launched an expat assistance program with partner, Morneau Shepell, which provides expats, migrants and their family members with confidential, dedicated phone support services, including services for children, for pre, during and post their move.

Contact: info@immigrationindustry.org

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