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Humanis French Expat Survey 2017

January 2017

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Sylvaine Emery General Manager, International Humanis Group
Sylvaine Emery
General Manager, International
Humanis Group

Humanis, a large French group insurance carrier, since 2013 has published a yearly survey of French expatriates. Here are some key takeaways from the January 2017 edition:

  • French expats like living abroad, and 95% of them would recommend that their friends give expatriation a try.
  • 64% of French expats do not expect to return home in the next five years.


  • 39% of French expats would like to create their own businesses (vs. 23% of French residents), 79% of them in hopes of having a lighter administrative burden than in France. Taxes and other costs are comparatively irrelevant.
  • 75% of French expats want to retain a link to French social security.
  • French expats miss their families (66%), the food (49%), and French-style social protection (47%).
  • 78% of French expats enjoy some form of health coverage abroad—fewer than at any time in the survey’s history. 92% of those working in the United States are covered, due to PPACA.2017_01_Humanis_CM_Barometre_recommande_Anglais
  • Only 39% of French expats have a life insurance policy (death, dismemberment, disability).
  • Only 39% have a pension plan.
  • A paltry 29% have an assistance or repatriation contract.
  • Expats without coverage say this is due to one of three things: the cessation of employer-provided plans, excessive costs, or the need to save in order to pay for healthcare.


  • French expats retain a keen interest in home politics. 82% get information about French politics at least once a week and a full 94% plan to vote in the upcoming 2017 Presidential election.

The 40-page survey can be downloaded here (PDF in French language) and GBV magazine will feature a full-length article in the near future.


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