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No-Deal Brexit – Insurance Europe Publishes Checklist

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Insurance Europe in March 2019 published a checklist regarding the insurance implications of a no-deal Brexit. Insurance Europe is the European insurance and reinsurance federation, representing all types of insurance and reinsurance carriers.

Intended for the general public but relevant for business travelers and short-term secondments, the checklist deals with:

  • Motor insurance – Currently, motorists insured in any EU member state can drive their vehicle in any other EU member state. However, as no agreement has been reached to continue this in the case of a no-deal Brexit, both UK and EU motorists should check with their insurance provider to see whether they need a Green Card.
  • Health insurance – Currently, EU residents traveling within the EU can request a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that provides access to healthcare in other EU countries. However, in the case of a no-deal Brexit, EHIC cards will not be officially recognized by the UK for EU travelers or vice-versa. Therefore, travelers must ensure they have adequate travel or health insurance to cover any health services needed while traveling.
  • Travel insurance – If there is a no-deal Brexit, while travelers from the UK to the EU should still be covered by EU or EEA region policies (with the possible exception of medical expenses covered by the EHIC), both they and EU travelers to the UK should check that their policies cover their destination before they travel.

Resources: the Insurance Europe checklist is available for download here. Further information and advice from the European Commission and the UK government can be found online for the EU27 and for the UK.

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