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In the January-February 2024 issue: Arnau Vila Llavina Interview – Zurich GEBS And: Immune Health Is All About Balance – Aimee Pugh Bernard Physical Decline With Age Is Not Inevitable – Zachary Gillen COVID-19 Variant Eris Declared ‘Of Interest’. Should We Worry? – Catherine Bennett, Stuart Turville Long COVID: There Might Also Be A Long Cold – Giulia Vivaldi Tracking Daily Step Counts Can Be A Useful Tool For

The comprehensive analysis of the “Vitality in America” study, commissioned by The Cigna Group, reveals crucial insights into the state of vitality among Generation Z and other American adults. This study, conducted in June 2023, surveyed 10,000 adults and used the Evernorth Vitality Index (EVI) to measure health and well-being across eight dimensions: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual. Generation Z’s Vitality Metrics Mental Health Challenges

The report titled “Global Pension Risk Transfer Market Outlook” by Milliman, dated November 3, 2023, provides a comprehensive analysis of the Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) markets, focusing on key territories such as the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands, and Ireland. The report outlines the global landscape of Defined Benefit (DB) pension schemes and their interaction with the PRT market. It emphasizes the importance of stakeholders understanding the

The Dynamics of the Global Workforce: Insights from SHRM’s 2023 Study In the ever-evolving world of work, the traditional definition of a worker is undergoing significant transformation. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) embarked on a comprehensive study in July 2023 to delve deeper into the unique desires, requirements, and experiences of workers worldwide. This report provides an insightful analysis of the findings from SHRM’s research, shedding light

Zurich Integrated Benefits (ZIB) in August 2023 announced it would host its conference in London, UK, from September 6 – 8, 2023. Are you a Compensation and Benefits specialist, or Risk Manager working for a multinational company? Are you interested in finding out what the next trends for employee benefits are? If you haven’t received an ‘official invite’ via email and would like to attend, then please reach out

Luxembourg’s leading insurer Foyer in July 2023 announced the completion of the acquisition of iPMI carrier Globality from ERGO Group, after receiving approval from the regulator, Commissariat aux Assurances. The new company includes Foyer Global Health, the international health insurance and services provider for globally mobile people within Foyer Group, and Globality Health, previously part of ERGO Group, which in turn is owned by Munich Re. Foyer Global Health

In the July-August 2023 issue: Ludovic Bayard Interview – One Year CEO at GEB How Hot Is Too Hot for the Human Body? – W. Larry Kenney, Daniel Vecellio, Rachel Cottle, S. Tony Wolf BMI No Longer Key Measure of Obesity – Scott Hogan Which Body Organs Are Most at Risk During a Heat Wave? – Pieter Vancamp

In the April 2023 issue: Voluntary Benefits – Multinational Clients Require Thoughtful Solutions – Richard “RAE” Egleston R&D: Long COVID puts some people at higher risk of heart disease – John Donne Potter Mortality from COVID is lower than its impact on morbidity – Philip Clarke, Jack Pollard, Mara Violato Eating disorders among teens have more than doubled during the pandemic – Sydney Hartman-Munick Another COVID winter is coming

In the March 2023 issue: Interview Mattieu Rouot, CEO MAXIS GBN R&D: Health Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness Hilary A. Marusak Long-Haul Flights and Your Body Tony Schiemer Food Microbes and Cancer Gissel Marquez Alcaraz, Athena Aktipis What Is A Gig Job? David Weil Sitting All Day Is Bad For Your Health Keith Diaz

Foyer, Luxembourg’s leading privately owned financial group, in March 2023 acquired Globality Health from ERGO Reiseversicherung (Ergo Travel Insurance), part of ERGO Group. ERGO is the retail division of Munich Re. Leadership in international health insurance With this acquisition, Foyer is investing in a high-potential business sector and strengthening its position in international health insurance for expatriates, an activity it has developed since 2014 through Foyer Global Health. Globality’s

Zurich Global Employee Benefits Solutions (ZGEBS) in February 2023 announced the appointment of Dag Zwikker as Regional Distribution Manager for the Nordics and the Benelux markets, based in Zurich, Switzerland. ZGEBS is part of Zurich Integrated Benefits, which brings together the various Zurich businesses providing global employee benefits, including cross-border corporate savings and risk solutions. In a way, it is back to the roots for Dag as he started

Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) in February 2023 announced the appointment of François-Xavier Dub as its new General Manager, reporting to GEB CEO Ludovic Bayard. François-Xavier Dub was since 2019 Head of Insurance within the Partnerships division at Generali France. He began his career in 2008, within the General Inspectorate of Société Générale, before joining the strategy consulting firm Exton Consulting in 2010, first as a senior consultant and then

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in January 2023 announced changes to its forward-looking economic indicators known as the “Composite Leading Indicators” (CLI) and at the same time introduced a new Short-Term Indicators Dashboard that includes the CLI and many more measures of economic activities. The CLI as of now will be available for a reduced set of countries only: G20 countries (minus Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in January 2023 released its latest figures on (un-)employment. According to the organization, employment and labour force participation rates stable at record highs in the third quarter of 2022. The unemployment rate remained at 4.9% in November 2022, the fifth consecutive month at this record low since the start of the series in 2001. However, the aggregate masks wide differences across

MAXIS Global Benefits Network (MAXIS GBN) in January 2023 announced that David Schupak will become Director – Global Relationship Management. He previously led the Western Europe, Middle East and Africa business development teams. He will continue reporting to Paul Lewis, Chief Business Development Officer at MAXIS GBN and to be based in London. In his new role, David will oversee MAXIS GBN’s inbound business development strategy (opportunities for MAXIS

The World Economic Forum (WEF) in January 2023 published the 2023 edition of its yearly Global Risks Report. Prepared with global broker Marsh McLennan and insurance carrier Zurich, the 98-page report covers issues such as renewed inflation; economic downturns and heightened economic competition; climate action (or lack thereof); and the increasing polarization of societies. It also addresses areas of concern for the near future, including the pressure on natural

In the January-February 2023 issue: Retirement on a DC pension in NL and UK – Hannah English, Jack Lisamore, Teie Dam, Gijs Cremers R&D: No Benefit From Coronary Artery Stents! – Matthew Ryan Could Neurotechnology Make Lawyers Smarter Workers? – Ian Daly Long COVID: Researchers Zeroing In On Autoimmune Attacks – Matthew Woodruff Burnout, How To Prevent It In The Workplace – Shahieda Jansen How To Treat Scars – Michael