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“Corruption, and the perception of corruption, erodes trust in governments, businesses, and markets. In the aftermath of the greatest financial crisis of our time, we need to rebuild that trust more than ever before.

GBV once again gains exclusive access to Chris Bruce of Thomsons Online Benefits for an insight into the global benefits market from one of the largest benefits software providers in the world Global Benefits Vision: What are Thomsons Online Benefits’ core businesses and main activities in general, and how do they specifically relate to the global employee-benefits industry, today?

While the concept of employee engagement has been around for over two decades, its importance as a competitive driver for employers has sharply increased in recent years. Maximizing gains from the total rewards budget and attracting the best workforce, and then retaining employees by maintaining their motivation, has never been more critical to global business.

Research conducted by the London School of Economics (LSE) in the U.K. proves the value and causal link between companies’ investment in communication and increasing their employees’ engagement with their pension, ultimately improving their retirement outcomes.

Everyone claims to be a solution provider. But even those who manage to provide solutions rather than pure products face a crucial question: Is business designed around solutions still in touch with the modern client?

The Dutch pension system, and the frequent changes in that system, have been the subject of many (international) publications over the past decades. Readers of such publications are very likely to have lost track, as there probably have been too many changes to digest.