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When it comes to shining a spotlight on the difference between male and female pay, many companies are sceptical, hesitant, and even fearful. The discourse often focuses on risk—the threat of being named and shamed.

Every year in April and July, the two most important surveys for UK Group Risk Insurers come out. Swiss Re’s Group Watch shows how the Group Risk market is doing, while ORC International’s Group Risk Survey shows how the industry is performing from an adviser and customer perspective.

Today’s interconnected world and global economy means that increasing numbers of employees are required to travel extensively abroad, often for longer periods, to multiple destinations and often in very unfamiliar environments.

As we mentioned in our previous article¹ on how to mitigate corruption risks, in order for businesses to grow, companies and individuals need relationships with key influencers both within and outside the company. However, building relationships with influential individuals is very tricky.

Chris Mayo – Head of Global Services & Solutions, Non-North America,Willis Towers Watson Global Benefits Vision: Tell us about your career in Global Employee Benefits. Christopher Mayo: I have been involved with international employee benefits since 1990, when I was one of four people who set up the international practice at R. Watson & Sons. In 1995 I had the opportunity to work in Milan.

Thomas Piketty, in his book Capital in the Twenty-First Century, partly attributes the rise in inequality during the latter part of the 20th and early part of the 21st centuries to “the rise of the super-manager”.

Global Benefits Vision asked Lance Henderson, Head of Sales and Relationship Management at Zurich Global Employee Benefits Solutions, about his view on latest trends in Employee Benefits and discussed topics like the “Duty of Care” concept, the Income Protection Gap, and solutions that can help multinationals to address those challenges.