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Patient-centric healthcare starts with sharing decisions with physicians. Politicians and policymakers are discussing what parts of the Affordable Care Act to change and what to keep. While most of us have little control over those discussions, there is one health care topic that we can control: what we talk about with our doctor.

Healthcare reform in the U.S. provides for a steady stream of commentary, and it is sometimes useful to repeat some basic truths about … insurance.

Coverage of pre-existing conditions in the U.S. health insurance market – what is at stake in the 2017 healthcare reforms? Pre-existing conditions became the focus of debate on the American Health Care Act, which was narrowly passed 217-213 by the House of Representatives.

Human resources departments routinely transfer personal data between the U.S. and the E.U. Here is an outline of legal issues currently at stake.

Basic tenets of the U.S. healthcare system are often misunderstood abroad, especially in countries that have extensive social security systems in place. Here is what they are and why they came to be.

Marco Giacomelli Global Benefits Vision: Let’s start by recalling the highlights of your career, with an emphasis on iPMI and global employee benefits. Marco Giacomelli: I’ve worked with Generali for the past 23 years on a number of assignments in the United States, Latin America, Asia, and Europe—now London. I have mainly focused on life, health, employee benefits, and now iPMI, with a few forays into bancassurance and other