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Cigna Global Health Benefits expands partnership in Africa with Hollard

September 2016

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Cigna Global Health Benefits in September 2016 announced an expanded partnership with African-based insurer, Hollard Insurance Group.

Hollard and Cigna have created a fully compliant health insurance product in sub-Saharan Africa, Hollard Cigna Health, that meets the legal requirements of globally mobile staff as well as regional expats and key local nationals from corporations with operations in the region. A pan-African product, it is able to cater to national demand across the region with a single health insurance plan. Cigna brings its health provider network and administrative processes, whereas Hollard contributes its knowledge of African regulations and distribution networks.

Hollard Global Health Benefits is an insurance and reinsurance cell in Manzillo Insurance Limited, Guernsey. The Hollard Cigna Health plan is underwritten by the Hollard subsidiary or associate incorporated in the country in which the policy is sold.

It should be noted that whilst Hollard is a member of Generali’s GEB network, Cigna Global Health Benefits is one of four expatriate insurance providers of the IGP network.

For more details, see www.hollardcignahealth.com 

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