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Cigna Global Health Benefits in September 2016 announced an expanded partnership with African-based insurer, Hollard Insurance Group. Hollard and Cigna have created a fully compliant health insurance product in sub-Saharan Africa, Hollard Cigna Health, that meets the legal requirements of globally mobile staff as well as regional expats and key local nationals from corporations with operations in the region. A pan-African product, it is able to cater to national

Nepalis, Indians, Americans, Syrians and Pakistanis all have something in common: they were the top five migrant groups who received family-related visas to the UK in the year to March 2016. But while US citizens coming to join a family member who is already in Britain are often called “expatriates” or “expats”, the others are often portrayed as “migrants” – mainly because of the country of their birth.

In an unexpected move, French teachers’ mutual insurance company MGEN (Mutuelle Générale de l’Education Nationale) in October 2016 launched its MGEN International Benefits (MGEN IB) unit, dedicated to expatriates. MGEN IB will develop a range of insured life and health products for globally mobile people originating from any country. It will address both individual and corporate markets in France and abroad, dealing with stays of any duration, from a

Selection for international assignments is not one-sided. Being able to select the right employee depends on having the right group from which to select, individuals motivated by “what’s in it for me?” If the best candidates cannot see a clear personal advantage, they are unlikely to volunteer.