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New Feature – GBV’s RSS Feed

September 2016

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Generic Feed-icon.svgTo read Global Benefits Vision’s latest news, you can either take the initiative and go to the website’s homepage, or you can elect to have all news sent to you every day without further action on your part.

Should you choose the latter, consider making use of our new RSS facility. Your RSS reader will come and fetch the latest news from the GBV website automatically and anonymously—and it does not require you to share your email address or any other private information.

Setting up your RSS reader is easy. Just choose and install an RSS reader; among the free Windows RSS readers, RSSOwl is perhaps the best known among the many options. Free RSS readers are available for iPhone/iPad, Android, MacOS, Linux, what have you. Click here for more information.

Once your RSS reader is installed, adding GBV’s main RSS feed is as simple as clicking on http://www.global-benefits-vision.com/feed . Alternately, click on one of the five RSS links posted on all GBV web pages.

For ultimate convenience, Microsoft Outlook has a built-in RSS reader: look for the “RSS Feed” folder in the message view (usually, it is at the bottom of the list of message folders); right-click on the “RSS Feed” folder; choose “Add new RSS Feed”; type or copy/paste  http://www.global-benefits-vision.com/feed  and you are done.

Other email software, such as Opera Mail, Thunderbird and IBM Lotus Notes, have built-in RSS readers as well.

For more information about RSS in general, click here for the wikipedia article.

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