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Generali Global Health Launches Wellness App

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International health insurance provider Generali Global Health (GGH) in October 2018 upgraded its product, Global Choice, by adding a new wellness app called Bria.

Bria is a mobile app that helps members identify health risks and take preventative steps. It also offers access to health advice, according to each member’s situation and goals. Bria connects with over 1,000 popular health and activity trackers and is available for free to all GGH members.

The app offers tips, practical advice and support on how to combat stress, sleep well, live healthier, keep fit and lose weight. Users can choose health goals and adopt action plans to help keep up healthy habits. The app can also connect users with work colleagues, friends and family who can encourage each other and compete in challenges.

The Bria app has been developed in partnership with Tictrac, a UK-based health tech firm. Tictrac has surveyed employees all over the world to support health improvement through rigorous research and an understanding of consumer behavior and motivations.

GGH’s Bria is introduced soon after Generali Employee Benefits’s (GEB) Ciao, a health app designed to promote healthy behaviors among employees and that also was developed by Tictrac.

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