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Malakoff Médéric Humanis Merger Complete – France

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French social protection group (SPG) Malakoff Médéric Humanis (MMH) in January 2019 arose from the merger of the two former Malakoff-Médéric and Humanis SPGs.

As the new French market leader in group life and health insurance (market share 17%), MMH has 426,000 corporate clients with 10 million people insured. Furthermore, it is the recommended employee benefits provider for 93 professional sectors, a significant competitive advantage.

In pensions, MMH has 600,000 corporate clients and manages 7 million beneficiaries (EUR 36.5 billion per year in payouts) and 8 million contributors of the Agirc-Arrco second-pillar regime.


Unlike many competitors, rather than acquiring local insurers abroad MMH has chosen to support corporate clients in their international development with a range of products for internationally mobile employees and covering foreign subsidiaries.

The group is a significant player in the French expatriate insurance market (iPMI and life coverage), both as a health and life insurance carrier and as a third-party administrator (TPA). In pensions, MMH is the sole provider of French Social Security-compatible expat retirement products as the manager of the CRE-IRCAFEX plan. In partnership with Aetna International, it offers US- and GCC-compliant expat products as well.

And to provide coverage for local employees of foreign subsidiaries, MMH is a member of the IGP and AIG multinational pooling networks.

Developments Ahead

The merger was first announced in June 2018 and the new Executive Committee in October 2018. As of January 2019, a new logo is in use and brokers have a single point of contact in the new organization. In April 2019, the product range and the sales networks will be unified. In 2020, a new strategy, corporate name, and brand will be introduced.

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