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MAXIS and CareClix partner for virtual health services

Beefing up the MAXIS Global Wellness Solution

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MAXIS Global Benefits Network (MAXIS GBN) in December 2019 announced it had chosen CareClix as its global partner for telemedicine services. CareClix is a leading telemedicine solutions provider headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, USA and focused on technology-driven medical services to employers, governments, health plans and health systems.

Beefing up the MAXIS Global Wellness Solution

The partnership will allow MAXIS GBN’s clients, as a part of its MAXIS’ Global Wellness solution to access CareClix’s expertise and assist employees with virtual health access to primary care, specialist care, and mental health services.

CareClix does this through a number of solutions including:

  • an Online Medical Suite, a cloud-based virtual clinic;
  • Chronic Care Management, a tailored enterprise care solution;
  • Remote Patient Monitoring, utilising existing practitioners to cut costs through technology solutions and offer faster medical care;
  • ER Triaging;
  • CareClix Exam, which allows corporates to leverage technology and transform medical examination rooms into virtual clinics, speeding up the examination process.

Tech at the forefront of Health Plan integration

CareClix provides a software component to provide certified doctors (locally board-certified physicians) who not only speak the client’s language but also understand cultural sensitivities of patients – of increasing importance given the international nature of the workforce.

This aids in reducing the time to diagnosis, and in turn, the cost of in-person medical care. MAXIS GBN’s clients will have access to CareClix’s services through multiple channels including mobile apps, through a dedicated website or in person by phone.

Access to routine and specialist medical care will be available as CareClix has physicians who can deliver expert telemedicine services in almost every field of medicine, clinical care or diagnostics, adding to MAXIS GBN’s existing offering to its clients.MAXIS GBN

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