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New product for UK Expatriates from AIG and Henner

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AIG in the UK have announced in September 2015 the launch of their “Expatriate Care” product, aimed at UK-headquartered organizations with expatriate employees.

Interestingly, AIG has partnered with Paris, France – based broker and TPA Henner. One of Henner’s division is a medical plan administrator with a network of 35,000+ medical providers in 160 countries, with discounts and direct billing arrangements. The AIG UK product includes a medical second opinion service, where an international specialist can review an initial diagnosis from a local doctor. Finally, a British angle is provided by 24/7 on-line access to British based medical support, with a dedicated team of UK nurses available via webcam, phone and SMS messaging to discuss everything from the common cold to serious illness. No underwriting is required (i.e. previous medical history is disregarded) when the plan includes at least five employees.

Henner products for expatriates, also known by industry insiders as GMC, the name of its international medical plan administrator division, are often marketed under its own brand in association with various French insurance carriers. GMC-operated, Henner-branded products are well-adapted to the needs of Continental European, and especially French, expatriates. Along with competitor MSH International (Siaci-Saint Honoré), Henner leads in the French expat market. The new product co-developed with AIG UK may be an indication of a strategy to leverage Henner’s medical network in markets other than Continental Europe. Should that be the case, then the U.S. would be the logical next step after the U.K. – taking on local leaders such as Cigna and Aetna as well as newcomers such as MetLife, GeoBlue and United Health. But first, AIG UK and Henner will have to take on successfully British incumbent leaders BUPA and AXA PPP.

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