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OW SERIES: Day 23 – Welcome to sensemaking

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Do you know the term “sensemaking”? In psychology it is one of the most effective techniques for restoring well-being and performance after an exceptional crisis. It is based on a particular form of management used to facilitate a healthy return to work.

Let’s begin with phase 1: recognize that what happened was an ordeal for all members of your team.

Don’t: joke around, such as by saying: “how was the holiday?” This only invalidates your team’s efforts and generates feelings of aggression towards work–which is harmful to their health and sense of value.

Do: take half a day to listen to your whole team and exercise consideration for each person’s unique experience.

Recognition begins with listening and ends with performance. It is a means, not a reward.

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By Adrien Chignard

Adrien Chignard, Occupational Psychologist, Sens & Coherence

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