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In the June 2019 issue An Interview with IEBA’s New Chairman Norman Dreger R&D: Ultra-Processed Food Causes Weight Gain – Richard Hoffmann R&D: A Walk on The Beach for Good Health – Jay Maddock R&D: Perks Are Used to Control Your Life – Elizabeth C. Tippett R&D: Brain Over Body: How Psychology Influences Physiology – Vaibhav Diwadkar, Otto Muzik R&D: Robotic Health Care Is Coming to A Hospital Near

In the May 2019 issue Fulfilling the diversity of employee needs: are cafeteria-style benefits plans the future? – Olivia Dunn R&D: The Legal Profession Has A Mental Health Problem – Neil Graffin, Emma Jones, Mathijs Lucassen, Rajvinder Samra R&D: The Opioid Crisis Is Not About Pain – David Walton R&D: Using Painkillers for Emotional Relief – Kev Dertadian R&D: Feel Like Time Is Flying? How to Slow It Down

In the April 2019 issue Diverse Approaches to International Employee Benefits – Andrew Wood Productivity: a UK Challenge Which Insurers Can Help With – Paul Avis Light Physical Activity Has Health Benefits – Richard Metcalfe Six Questions to Ask to Help Screen For Suicide Risk – Andres Pumariega How US Policy Is Shifting Toward Nutrition for Better Health – Dariush Mozaffarian, Jerold Mande, Renata Micha Pancreatic Cancer: Possible Insights

In the March 2019 issue Retire Vitally Conference Report eHealth & Prevention Programs – Dejan Malesic Work in the ‘Gig Economy’: A Meaningful Relationship? – Geneviève Shanahan, Mark Smith Seeing the Light: Using Light Intake to Boost Workplace Productivity – Hugo Starrsjo, Shira Jeczmien Inside the Ransom Business: Why Kidnapping Rarely Pays – Anja Shortland The Changing Landscape of Employee Benefits in India – WBN Series – Alda Dhingra

In the January 2019 issue Contingency Planning for a Hard Brexit Scenario – Ian Cooper, Jon Green Chris Burns on Insurtech – Interview Benefits in Germany: An Overview and Case Study – Anika Ort, Philipp Dienstbühl E.U. Pensions: The New IORP II Directive, Issues, Impacts and New Requirements – Amin Rajan Vaccines Have Health Effects Beyond Protecting Against Target Diseases – Christine Stabell Benn Lockton 2018 Forum Report Marco

In the December 2018 issue The “Macron” French Tax Reforms – Claire Toumieux, Camille Wattrelos EU Commission Propose Directive to Protect Whistle Blowers – Markulf Behrendt, Inge Vanderreken Fighting Infection-Causing Biofilms – Nicholas Fitzkee Toxic Workplaces Are Feeding the Impostor Phenomenon – Amina Aitsi-Selmi, Theresa Simpkin The Five Stages of Grief Don’t Come in Fixed Steps – Nick Haslam Big Data and Health Insurance Could Your Fitbit Data Be

In the November 2018 issue The Financial Crisis – A Decade Later – Lessons Learned? Peter Devlin Unraveling Public Pensions in Mexico – The Example of Universities Denise Gomez CBBA Academic Conference, Paris – A Report Stop Measuring Obesity with a Ruler Tim Spector The Best Foods for a Good Night’s Sleep Sophie Medlin Flu Lasts for More Than an Hour in Air and on Surfaces Seema Lakdawala, Linsey

In the October 2018 issue The Pooling Market in 2018, A Position Paper Ludovic Bayard, Roland de Crombrugghe, Mauro Dugulin, Michael Hansen, Wendy Liu, Morten Unneberg, Peter de Vries Pensions – A Multi-Faceted View from Ireland Brian McGarry, Conor Murray, Padhraic Kelly, Orla Ormsby, Brid McDonnell, John Lucey, Andy Kelly Brexit Timeline The New Data Protection Scheme in Germany – What HR Departments Must Know – GDPR4HR Tobias Neufeld

In the September 2018 issue GBV at Three The Data Privacy Act of the Philippines and GDPR Nico Lacson, Cesar Ruperto P. Ong Quick Take on InsurTech: Reto Toscan, SwissRe UK Group Risk Market Update Paul Avis Creating a Top-Tier Benefits Package James Reid Health Coaching Might Help in Reaching Old Age Ayse Cinar The Latest Blood Pressure Guidelines John Warner Is Cancer Just a Question of Bad Luck?

In the July-August 2018 issue Collaborative Benefits Jean-Baptiste de La Mettrie, Fatih Eser Interview: J. Patrick Gallagher, Jr. and Leslie Lemenager Gut microbes are tiny sensors of your general health Claire Steves Eliminate the middlemen: The Bezos-Buffett-Dimon U.S. health care venture J.B. Silvers, Mark Vortuba How does your body ‘burn’ fat? David Prologo In praise of doing nothing Simon Gottschalk 2018 IBIS Conference Report New Product: MAXIS Global Wellness

Bleisure Travel and Corporate Liability Issues – A Debate Moving Around Has Big Health Benefits Sébastien Chastin, Emmanuel Stamatakis, Mark Hamer, Philippa Dall Three Things That Should Be Part of Any Weight Loss Efforts David Prologo New Medical Advances in Fighting Obesity David Prologo Why GPs May Not Be Able to Help You Lose Weight Jennifer Kraschnewski Benefits in Brazil – WBN Series Ana Carolina Conduta Losco, Priscila Maria

Workforce Sustainability & the Death of HR Paul Pittman Why Are We So Sleep Deprived? Michael S. Jaffee Six Misconceptions About Meditation Dusana Dorjee AIG GBN Conference Report  

International Pension Plans & Guernsey Regulations Carl Hansen An Efficient Administrative Model for The Cross-Border Environment Dejan Malesic Exercise Can Slow the Ageing Process Janet M. Lord HR: Prepare for GDPR In Five Steps GBV Staff Brexit, Borders, and Group Insurance Paul Avis Introduction to Employee Benefits in the UK – WBN Country Profile Series Saira Chambers Expat Pensions 2018-2023: Is Big Data the Answer? Patrick Donders

Thierry Verkest from Aon on Pan-European Pensions GBV Interview Attracting Top Performers is Key to Employee Benefits in the Middle East Susan Panicker What the Flu Does to Your Body Laura Haynes The Search for a Universal Influenza Vaccine Ian Setliff, Amyn Murji Duty of Care to an International Workforce – A Primary Responsibility David Healy CBBA-Europe Conference Report Worldwide Broker Network – WBN Chairman Jim Watt GBV Interview

Pan-European Pensions, Dream or Reality? Interview Xavier Collot, Amundi and Nicolas Hubé, Johnson & Johnson James W. Reid, MetLife Global EB Interview Type-2 Diabetes Can Be Treated by Weight Loss Mike Lean Is Purpose a Better Goal than Happiness? The Japanese Concept of Ikigai Iza Kavedžija U.S. Life Expectancy Drops Again David Bishai Amazon Could Be a Disrupter of the Healthcare System J.B. Silvers

New Wage, Workplace, and Cannabis Laws Spell Dynamic 2018 for Canadian Employee Benefits (WBN Series) Tim Witchell A Single Workout Could Save Your Life Dick Thijssen CVS Merger With Aetna: Healthcare Cure or Curse? Sharona Hoffman Shaming People About Their Lifestyles Does Nothing To Improve Their Health Luna Dolezal, Barry Lyons

Interview – Lockton’s Mike Tyler, Chris Rofe, and Jon Green The U.K. Group Protection Market and Insurers – A Retrospective Paul Avis and Peter Johson The Long, Strange History of Dieting Fads Melissa Wdowik Want to Fix America’s Health Care? Dariush Mozaffarian

Interview – Paige Schaffer on Identity Protection Perspectives on Five Health Systems – Efficient and Sustainable? Australia, New Zealand, France, United Kingdom, Canada Better Together – Life Is Simpler in A Group Stephan Hillert R&D: A Calculator to Guess How Many Healthy Years of Life You Have Left Jeyaraj Vadiveloo

Interview – LeAnne Stefl, Worldwide Broker Network Benefits & Perks for the New Millennium Eric Muller-Borle Is Freelancing the Future of Employment? Anthony Hussenot Is Hiring an Experiential Learning Process? Ming Leung Interview – Frank Schmid, American International Group

Opinion – Paul Avis on the State of the U.K. Group Risk Market Pay Policy and the Changing Workforce Paul Pittman Pooling at Fifty – A Conversation with Marc Reinhardt Patient-Centered Healthcare 101 Melissa Armstrong What Happens When the Federal Government Eliminates Health Coverage? Lessons from The Past Simon Haeder R&D: Don’t Hate Your Gut Jasenka Zubcevic and Christopher Martyniuk

Interview Antoine Parisi, CEO Europ Assistance Good Leadership is a Matter of Culture Katrin Koll Prakoonwit Pooling 201 – Assuming and Controlling Risk Paul Avis How Obamacare May Morph into Medicaid JB Silvers

Interview Marco Giacomelli, CEO Generali Global Health How to transfer personal data from the European Union to the United States Nathalie Deviller The most important thing you’re not discussing with your doctor Melissa Armstrong How did health insurance get so complicated in the U.S. JB Silvers Pre-existing conditions and the health care vote Simon Haeder Why the U.S. does not have universal health care Timothy Callaghan

Frédéric de Courtois Interview GBV Multinational Pooling 101 Paul Avis Digital Privacy at the U.S. Border Eric Muller-Borle Hot-Deskers, the Homeless People of the Office World? Alison Hirst

Interview Peter de Vries, International Group Program (IGP) GBV Pension Reform in Japan Tadahiko Endo Relying on your Gut Instinct Leena Johns, MD Your Gut Instinct May Be Wrong at Work – and How to Know When It Isn’t Gleb Tsipursky Being W.O.R.L.D. Wise – Conclusion (6) Natalie Richter

Successful Captive Programs: The Insurer’s Evolving Role Jayesh Patel As Republicans Dismantle Obamacare, Insurers Likely to Bolt J.B. Silvers Fixes, Not Repeals, More Typical for Major Legislation Like Obamacare John McDonough Tom Price, Short on Specifics In Trumpcare Hearing Miranda Yaver Get Ready for The Coming Economic Recession Jay Zagorsky Leveraging Big Data and Software for Competitive Advantage Greg Campbell Sara Hallberg