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GBV Issue 49 Table of Contents, June 2020

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In the June 2020 issue

Advanced Tools for Financing Employee Benefits Globally – Moritz Löschner

Digital Transformation: Four Critical Workplace Planning Areas Holding Organizations Back – John McLaughlin

R&D: Antigen Tests For COVID-19 – Eugene Wu

R&D: Chronic Lyme Disease – Does It Exist? – John Nathaniel Aucott

R&D: COVID-19, Smell and Taste – John E. Hayes, Valentina Parma

R&D: No Evidence That ECT Works For Depression – John Read

R&D: High Performance Computing and the Race To Understand COVID-19 – Jeremy Smith

R&D: The Original SARS Virus Disappeared, Coronavirus Won’t Do the Same – Connor Bamford

R&D: Why Coronavirus Death Rates Don’t Fall as Quickly As They Rose – Danny Dorling

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