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The Conference Board Global Economic Indicators

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The Conference Board’s economic indicators for the U.K., published in April 2018, indicate a possible downturn is ahead for the British economy.

The Conference Board’s leading indicator, the Leading Economic Index (LEI), turned negative at -0,4% in February 2018 ; whereas the current indicator, the Coincident Economic Index, still is in positive territory at +0,2%.

The U.K. is one of several large economies with a negative outlook as determined by the Leading Economic Index, including Germany and Japan. However, China, the U.S., and the Euro Area at large do show positive outlooks, driving the Global LEI to +0,9%.

Leading Economic Index (LEI), February 2018

China 1.1%
Global 0.9%
Brazil 0.8%
U.S. 0.6%
Euro Area 0.6%
France 0.5%
India 0.1%
Germany -0.1%
Australia -0.1%
Japan -0.1%
Mexico -0.2%
U.K. -0.4%
Korea -0.6%
Spain -0.9%

Source: The Conference Board www.conference-board.org

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