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Anthony Fardet – Contributor Profile

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Anthony Fardet

Human Nutrition Unit, University of Clermont-Auvergne, INRA
Research Officer, UMR 1019

It is now necessary to define new paradigms to lay the groundwork for a new, more ethical and sustainable preventative human nutrition.

To this end, I propose to examine the consequences of the reductionist and holistic approaches applied to nutrition research, to study the relevance of a new classification of foods based on their degree of transformation, to study the role of the complex structure of food in its health potential (matrix effect) and to study and characterize the healthy state of individuals in order to preserve it as long as possible. In addition, the influence of technological treatments on the health value of food should be better understood. Finally, scenarios for sustainable diets by 2050 should be established in accordance with reality (climate, cultures, availability, etc.) in each of the different regions of the world.

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