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Europ Assistance brand switches to Generali Global Assistance (GGA) in the USA

June 2016

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Europ Assistance USA, a subsidiary of Generali Group and global provider of assistance services in the fields of travel, home and family, health, and automotive, has re-branded itself as Generali Global Assistance North America (GGA), effective 12 June, 2016. The multi-phase re-branding operation will begin with the company’s Identity Protection Services division. All products and solutions carrying the Europ Assistance USA name will be transitioned to fall under GGA while retaining the brand equity they have established over the past fifty years.

The re-branding transition “promotes our global resources and expertise, and enables us to leverage the full capabilities of one of the 50 largest companies in the world, under a more relevant and unified brand to better serve our clients and partners,” says Chris Carnicelli, CEO, Generali Global Assistance North America.

Identity protection services are a growing aspect of the insurance industry and GGA recognizes the need for an integrated approach that will provide customers with resources to help educate, as well as digital privacy protection software. GGA’s monitoring solutions detect identity theft at its inception, to ensure an immediate response in order to minimize damages.

“This is an exciting time for our company as we embark on a great transformation to become one group and one company, with an even greater commitment to providing outstanding service to our global client base,” said Antoine Parisi, CEO, Europ Assistance Group. Whether, how and when local members of the Europ Assistance group will introduce the Generali Global Assistance brand is still under consideration as of late July and further decisions should be forthcoming later in 2016.  In each geographical area, the brand strategy is driven by its regional or local recognition and power and by business opportunities, especially in respect of white-labeling activities. It is entirely possible that markets where the Europ Assistance brand enjoys high recognition will remain under that flag for an indefinite period of time. As an example, Europ Assistance was recognized as the “most caring brand” in France on par with carpooling leader Bla-Bla-Car in a February 2016 survey; why bother changing there?

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