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Healthmine Survey: Successful Wellness Programs lower costs and overall risk (USA)

August 2016

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HealthMine, a healthcare technology company based in Dallas, Texas, in August 2016 released the results of a study revealing that the majority (62%) believe that all health care plan participants should join a wellness program to help them lower their health care costs. 32% responded that wellness programs helped them reduce the number of sick days logged, and 33% said their wellness program helped them be more productive at work.

The HealthMine Wellness Program Survey queried 750 insured consumers from the U.S. who are enrolled in a wellness program. The survey was fielded in May 2016 and HealthMine is commendably transparent about its characteristics; data were collected via an opt-in panel and the estimated margin of error is 4%. Notably, the survey findings come on the heels of new EEOC rules that clarify the rules guiding employer rewards programs for wellness program participation. The new law allows employers to offer incentives of up to 30% of an individual’s health insurance premium’s cost for joining an employer-sponsored wellness program.

HealthMine’s platform, which takes into account both clinical and behavioral health data and utilizes a clinical rules engine for analysis, provides data that reveals to an employer who is chronically ill, who is healthy, and who is at risk, providing them with a deeper understanding of their employees’ overall health.


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