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December 2018

Issue 034,
December 2018

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In the December 2018 issue
The "Macron" French Tax Reforms – Claire Toumieux, Camille Wattrelos
EU Commission Propose Directive to Protect Whistle Blowers – Markulf Behrendt, Inge Vanderreken
Fighting Infection-Causing Biofilms – Nicholas Fitzkee
Toxic Workplaces Are Feeding the Impostor Phenomenon – Amina Aitsi-Selmi, Theresa Simpkin
The Five Stages of Grief Don’t Come in Fixed Steps – Nick Haslam
Could Your Fitbit Data Be Used to Deny Health Insurance? – Andrew Boyd
Why Health Apps Are Like the Wild West – Michael L. Millenson
Can Persuasive Technology Change Behavior? – Samir Chatterjee
Wendy Liu, Zurich Global Employee Benefits Services – Interview
How an E.B. Captive Can Help HR – Paul Woehrmann, Reto Heini

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