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OECD Podcast on Social Protection and the Gig Economy

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Global Benefits Vision recommends this February 2019 podcast with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Head of Social Policy, Monika Queisser, on social protection for gig workers. A great overview of the issues at hand (13 minutes).

“The days when people held a full-time job for most of their lives and accordingly received benefits are over. Nowadays, many of us are temps, self-employed, and artists. We work part-time, pick up gig work, take on zero-hour contracts. How do we reconcile social security like pensions, unemployment benefits, and medical insurance with these more fluid forms of work? We discuss this and ideas like Universal Basic Income with Monika Queisser, who is Head of Social Policy at the OECD. Host: Kate Lancaster”


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