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Prospects bright for global job seekers in Croatia, Taiwan, Japan, Hungary, and U.S.

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Employers around the world report optimistic hiring outlooks in Q2 2018, according to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey.

Employers in 43 of 44 countries say they plan to add staff, with hiring confidence strongest in Croatia, Taiwan, Japan, Hungary and the U.S., followed by 17 countries including Canada, France, Germany and the UK.
Employers in Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic report the weakest hiring prospects.

“We are seeing optimism from employers in many countries across the world as the near-term global economic outlook is increasingly positive,” said Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup Chairman & CEO. “Sustained positive hiring intentions combined with the ongoing impact of technology across all industries mean companies will need to find new ways of upskilling the workforce to help fill vacancies. This must happen at speed and scale. Businesses that are able to find the right balance of technology, talent and human connection will be those that will succeed in this Skills Revolution.”

Confidence levels of the over 59,000 employers surveyed across 44 countries and territories have strengthened in 25 countries, weakened in 13, and remained the same in five.

Global hiring plans by region


  • EMEA: Staffing levels are expected to grow in 25 of 26 countries surveyed in the EMEA region, with the only negative Outlook across all countries and territories surveyed reported in Italy (-1).
  • Employers reporting the strongest outlooks are in Croatia (+29) (added to the global survey for the first time**) followed by Hungary (+18), Greece (+16) and Turkey (+16)
  • In the Netherlands, job seekers can expect the strongest hiring prospects in ten years (+8) led by growth in the construction sector
  • In Germany, employers are reporting the strongest hiring intentions in six years (+8) driven by strong demand for skilled manufacturing workers as companies undergo digital transformation
  • In the UK, employers have recorded their most optimistic jobs forecast in over a year. Job prospects look bright in the Hospitality sector, up fourteen points since this time last year, with employers looking to fill vacancies ahead of Brexit in an industry that is heavily dependent on immigration
  • The Outlook in France (+4) increases two percentage points quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year. The strongest forecast comes from large employers with those in Construction reporting some of the most optimistic outlooks
  • In Italy employment levels are forecast to decline in six of the ten industry sectors surveyed as employers adopted a watch and wait approach in anticipation of the general election which took place in early March

Asia Pacific

  • Asia Pacific: Employers in all eight countries and territories expect staffing levels to increase with hiring sentiment strongest in Taiwan (+26), followed closely by Japan (+24). The most cautious outlook in the region is reported in China (+8).
  • Hiring confidence in Japan remains strong and stable with employers reporting the most optimistic forecast since 2007 for the second quarter in a row
  • Despite the positive uptick in India’s hiring intentions over the past two quarters, confidence has fallen as employers report an outlook of +16, down five percentage points quarter-over-quarter
  • China’s subdued hiring pace continues at the same level for the third consecutive quarter but improves four percentage points from Q2 2017.
  • The most optimistic Outlooks are reported by employers in the Finance, Insurance & Real Estate sector and Services sector


  • Americas: Positive Outlooks are reported in all 10 countries surveyed. U.S. employers report the region’s most upbeat forecast (+18).
  • In the U.S., employers report the strongest Outlook in Leisure & Hospitality (+28%) as the economy picks up and Americans dine out.
  • Employers in the Midwest again report the most positive Outlook since 2001
  • Canadian employers report the strongest hiring prospects in more than six years (+14), improving for the fourth consecutive quarter
  • Colombian employers report the weakest hiring activity in more than eight years (+6) as hiring Outlooks in Manufacturing fall sharply quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year

To view complete results for the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, visit http://www.manpowergroup.com/meos

The next survey will be released 12 June 2018 and will report hiring expectations for Q3 2018.

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