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In the January-February 2024 issue: Arnau Vila Llavina Interview – Zurich GEBS And: Immune Health Is All About Balance – Aimee Pugh Bernard Physical Decline With Age Is Not Inevitable – Zachary Gillen COVID-19 Variant Eris Declared ‘Of Interest’. Should We Worry? – Catherine Bennett, Stuart Turville Long COVID: There Might Also Be A Long Cold – Giulia Vivaldi Tracking Daily Step Counts Can Be A Useful Tool For

In the July-August 2023 issue: Ludovic Bayard Interview – One Year CEO at GEB How Hot Is Too Hot for the Human Body? – W. Larry Kenney, Daniel Vecellio, Rachel Cottle, S. Tony Wolf BMI No Longer Key Measure of Obesity – Scott Hogan Which Body Organs Are Most at Risk During a Heat Wave? – Pieter Vancamp

In the April 2023 issue: Voluntary Benefits – Multinational Clients Require Thoughtful Solutions – Richard “RAE” Egleston R&D: Long COVID puts some people at higher risk of heart disease – John Donne Potter Mortality from COVID is lower than its impact on morbidity – Philip Clarke, Jack Pollard, Mara Violato Eating disorders among teens have more than doubled during the pandemic – Sydney Hartman-Munick Another COVID winter is coming

In the March 2023 issue: Interview Mattieu Rouot, CEO MAXIS GBN R&D: Health Benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness Hilary A. Marusak Long-Haul Flights and Your Body Tony Schiemer Food Microbes and Cancer Gissel Marquez Alcaraz, Athena Aktipis What Is A Gig Job? David Weil Sitting All Day Is Bad For Your Health Keith Diaz

In the January-February 2023 issue: Retirement on a DC pension in NL and UK – Hannah English, Jack Lisamore, Teie Dam, Gijs Cremers R&D: No Benefit From Coronary Artery Stents! – Matthew Ryan Could Neurotechnology Make Lawyers Smarter Workers? – Ian Daly Long COVID: Researchers Zeroing In On Autoimmune Attacks – Matthew Woodruff Burnout, How To Prevent It In The Workplace – Shahieda Jansen How To Treat Scars – Michael

In the December 2022 issue: Innovation in Plan Administration – Dejan Malesic R&D: Digital Nomads Have Rejected the Office – Dave Cook Pilates Workout Can Benefit Your Health – Lindsay Bottoms Vitamin B12 Deficiency Can Have Serious Consequences – Diane Cress Elon Musk’s ‘Hardcore’ Management Style – Libby Sander

In the July-August 2022 issue: Interview Issiah Sakhabuth, IEBA Chairperson R&D: Procrastinating Is Linked to Health and Career Problems – Fuschia Sirois The Body Has an Internal Clock – Shogo Sato Obesity: Too Much Salt and Not Enough Water? – Richard Johnson How To Tell If Someone Is an Expert – Thora Tenbrink Eye Movements and Our Understanding of Memory – Roger Johansson, Mikael Johansson

In the June 2022 issue: GEB: Why a Competitive Multinational Pension Demands a Single View – Denis Cabrillon R&D – Long COVID: Vaccination Could Reduce Symptoms – Trish Greenhalgh, Brendan Delaney, Manoj Sivan R&D – Inflation: There’s a Way to Reduce It: Raise Productivity – David McMillan R&D – Who Really Owns the Oil Industry’s Future Stranded Assets? – Gregor Semieniuk, Philip Holden

In the May 2022 issue: Insurers And Employers Working in Partnership to Address the Global Mental Health Crisis – Daniela Masters R&D: COVID Reinfection and Associated Symptoms – Lara Herrero R&D: A Sociological Perspective On Long COVID – Laura Mauldin R&D: The Biology Of How Muscles Change With Age – Roger Fielding

In the April 2022 issue: Global Expert Views With Damien O’Farrell – Pasquale Gorrasi Six lifestyle “medicines” for a better, longer life – Yoram Vodovotz, Michael Parkinson Got Zoom fatigue? – Julie Boland

In the October 2021 issue: The Future for Global Mobility in a Pandemic Economy – Pasquale Gorrasi R&D: Global Food Prices Are Higher Today Than for Most of Modern History – Alastair Smith R&D: Half Of Unvaccinated Workers Say They’d Rather Quit, But Few Follow Through – Jack J. Barry, Ann Christiano, Annie Neimand

In the July-August 2021 issue: GEB’s New Business Accelerator – Ludovic Bayard Gaining Control Over Employee Benefits: Yes You Can – Guglielmo Callipari, Balasz Kaposvari R&D: Deciphering the Symptoms of Long COVID – Allison Navis R&D: Returning to the Workplace? – Helen Hodgetts, Nick Perham

In the May 2021 issue: Employee Health Matters: The Impact Of Coronavirus On Cancer Treatment – Frank Ahedo R&D: Mental Wellbeing Can Lead To Lower Healthcare Costs – Ziggi Ivan Santini, David McDaid, Sarah Stewart-Brown, Vibeke Jenny Koushede R&D: Eight Glasses Of Water A Day? Your Kidneys Say ‘No’ – Tamara Hew-Butler R&D: Cancer, How One Type of RNA Could Be The Future of Treatment – Francesco Crea, Azuma Kalu

In the April 2021 issue: The Vital Importance of Strong Network Partners in Pooling – Hans Callebaut, Thierry Mestach R&D: COVID-19 Stress Toll, A Family Affair? – Nicole Racine, Erin Hetherington, Sheri Madigan, Suzanne Tough R&D: The Coronavirus Messes with Our Minds Too – Athena Aktipis, Joe Alcock R&D: Phone Call Anxiety – Ilham Sebah R&D: Behavioral Psychology and Weight Loss – Claire Madigan

In the March 2021 issue: Work Smart Now! – Richard Polak Vaccines Alone Are Not Enough – Caitjan Gainty, Agnes Arnold-Forster Predicting Severe COVID – Rishi Gupta, Mahdad Noursadeghi Zoom Work Relationships Are Hard to Build – Nancy R. Buchan, Wendi L. Adair, Xiao-Ping Chen Global Mobility Teams Prepare for Remobilization – Generali Employee Benefits

In the January 2021 issue: Featured: Interview of Mattieu Rouot, CEO, MAXIS Global Benefits Network Severe COVID May Be Caused by Autoantibodies – Rebecca Aicheler Long COVID – Who Is at Risk? – Frances Williams Outsmarting COVID-19 Fears – Laurel Mellin

In the December 2020 issue The European Pension System: State of Play – Paolo Lippi Q&A with Paolo Lippi mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19 – Sanjay Mishra Mathematical modeling of tumors – Nikita Simonov COVID-19, Coping with Uncertainty – Jayne Morriss

In the November 2020 issue Social Recognition for Employee Engagement: Q&A with Achievers – Jon Maddison Obesity Harms the Body in Real Time – Cate Varney Self-Employed? How to Protect Your Wellbeing – Andreana Drencheva, Kristin Hildenbrand, Mike Duffy Jr.

In the July 2020 issue The Best Compliant Model for Expatriates – Pasquale Gorrasi Interview with GEB’s Eric Butler on The Response To Covid-19 IBIS 2020 Conference Report Gig-Working to Dramatically Change Employment Landscape – Andrew Cunningham R&D: Weight Loss: The Tricky Last Few Pounds – Peter Rogers R&D: Coronavirus: Why Some People Lose Their Sense of Smell – Simon Gane, Jane Parker Employee Benefits 2045: Where Could We Be

In the June 2020 issue Advanced Tools for Financing Employee Benefits Globally – Moritz Löschner Digital Transformation: Four Critical Workplace Planning Areas Holding Organizations Back – John McLaughlin R&D: Antigen Tests For COVID-19 – Eugene Wu R&D: Chronic Lyme Disease – Does It Exist? – John Nathaniel Aucott R&D: COVID-19, Smell and Taste – John E. Hayes, Valentina Parma R&D: No Evidence That ECT Works For Depression – John Read

In the May 2020 issue A Holistic Approach to Employee Benefits – Jimmy Johansen R&D: The Mysterious Disappearance of The First SARS Virus – Marilyn J. Roossinck R&D: Working from Home? Why Detachment Is Crucial for Mental Health – Wladislaw Rivkin R&D: Exercise May Reduce Risk Of ARDS Complication – Zhen Yan R&D: Coronavirus: Step Up Research in The Immune System – Daniel M Davis, Sheena Cruickshank R&D: Coronavirus and

In the April 2020 issue How We Work During COVID-19 – Eric Muller-Borle Coronavirus: Ten Reasons Not to Panic – Ignacio López-Goñi How to Model A Pandemic – Christian Yates Coronavirus Might Make Buildings Sick – Caitlin R. Proctor, Andrew J. Whelton, William Rhoads Life After COVID-19: Dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? – Manuel Géa, François Iris, Athanasios Beopoulos

In the March 2020 issue Growing-the-pie is not pie-in-the-sky – Alex Edmans Reduce Stress at Work and Prevent Burnout – Sarah Tottle Five Things to Do for A Healthier Microbiome – Connie Rogers, Darrell Cockburn Ecotherapy to Improve Wellbeing – Carly Wood Hate Exercise? – Libby Richards For Mental Health, Team Sports or Solo Exercise? – Laura Healy

In the January 2020 issue Flexible Benefits – Does One Size Fit All? – Ricardo Almeida Employee Financial Worries – Monica Kalia R&D – Myths Around Mental Illness Cause High Rates of Unemployment – Bandy X. Lee R&D – Ditching Bad Habits – Ian Hamilton, Sally Marlow R&D – Using Habit Science – Wendy Wood R&D – Is Your Holiday Drinking Becoming A Problem? – Sara Jo Nixon R&D –

In the December 2019 issue History of Pooling at Allianz – François Jacquemin, Michael Scheu Vaping and e-cigarettes – Allison Kurti Hospital Price Transparency in the U.S. at Last? – Neeraj Sood To Lose Weight, Eat Less or Exercise More? – Juan Ignacio Pérez Iglesias Exercise Before Breakfast Works Best – Rob Edinburgh Controlled Breathing for the Rest of Us – David Shearer Allianz Global Benefits Interview – Dirk Hellmuth,

In the November 2019 issue Mental Health in the Workplace Across the Generations – Camilla Lewis Washing Hands Properly – Ellen W. Evans Being Mentally Tough Can Be Taught – Peter Clough PTSD Also Affects Families – Hope Christie Better Flexible Work – Jane Parry How to Stay Fit into Your 60s – Julie Broderick

In the October 2019 issue Aon: Personalizing Health – Matthew Lawrence R&D: Processing Changes the Food We Eat – Anthony Fardet, Edmond Rock R&D: We Should Be Consuming Less Salt – Feng He History of Pooling: International Group Program IGP – Peter de Vries