In the latest quarter of 2023, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) reported a slight downturn in real household income per capita, marking a pivotal moment after a year of consistent growth. This shift, contrary to the 0.3% rise in real GDP per capita, unveils the intricate dynamics beneath the surface of economic indicators, spotlighting the diverse fiscal landscapes across member countries. The OECD’s analysis, aggregating data




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    Luxembourg, January 2024 – Mercer Marsh Benefits has announced the appointment of David Chalaoui as their new Growth Leader for Europe in Global Mobility Solutions. Chalaoui, who commenced his role in January 2024, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in business development and client relations within the European region. Prior to joining Mercer Marsh Benefits, Chalaoui had an extensive career at Swiss Life Global Solutions, where he served

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    As of October 2023, the OECD unemployment rate was 4.9%, remaining under 5.0% since July 2022​​. This stability is significant for the insurance and pensions sector as it indicates a relatively stable labor market. However, the number of unemployed persons reached 33.4 million, the highest in 2023. The disparity in unemployment rates among OECD countries is notable, with rates rising in 14 countries, unchanged in 9, and declining in

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    The OECD’s “Pensions at a Glance 2023” report presents a detailed analysis of pension systems, demographic trends, and policy reforms among its G20 member countries. Here’s GBV’s comprehensive analysis based on the key findings from the report: 1. Pension Reforms and Retirement Age Adjustments Increasing Retirement Ages: Many OECD countries continue to increase retirement ages. For example, Sweden raised its retirement age and linked it to two-thirds of life-expectancy

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    In a significant turn of events, Cigna Group has ceased its efforts to merge with fellow health-insurance provider Humana. Initially poised to form a colossal entity valued at approximately $140 billion, the deal’s dissolution arose primarily due to disagreements over financial terms. Despite prior discussions hinting at a possible closure by year’s end, the proposed cash-and-stock transaction faced skepticism, particularly concerning the use of Cigna’s stock as a part

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