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Aetna International launches solution for companies hiring U.S. citizens

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Aetna International has announced the launch of Access US, a product aimed at helping any non-US headquartered company that currently has, or is hiring, American citizens based in the USA.

The Access US Plans are an ideal fit for companies with geographically dispersed employees located in the US.

They are an ACA-compliant (Obamacare-compliant) medical product designed for organizations with 50 or more total employees worldwide and allow US companies to place all of their US employees on a single compliant group plan with a simple composite rate structure. Only two employees need to be based in the USA for the company to implement a group plan.

Nine standard plans are available for organizations of 2-20 enrolled US employees. Bespoke customization is possible for organizations with more than 20 employees in the USA. All plans have US benefits as well as international cover for travel outside the country. Standard deductibles range from $0 – $3,000 and coverage can include dental and life.

The facility offered through general agent TBS allows international brokers the opportunity to receive compensation where allowed by law for business referred and placed.

If you like reading legalese, visit http://www.aetnainternational.com/ai/en/about-us/legal/regional-entities for a list of entities permitted to carry on or administer insurance business in their respective jurisdiction.

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