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GBV Issue 33 Table of Contents, November 2018

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In the November 2018 issue

The Financial Crisis – A Decade Later – Lessons Learned?
Peter Devlin

Unraveling Public Pensions in Mexico – The Example of Universities
Denise Gomez

CBBA Academic Conference, Paris – A Report

Stop Measuring Obesity with a Ruler
Tim Spector

The Best Foods for a Good Night’s Sleep
Sophie Medlin

Flu Lasts for More Than an Hour in Air and on Surfaces
Seema Lakdawala, Linsey Marr

Get A Flu Shot Now
Patricia Schnabel Ruppert

Influenza’s Wild Origins in Animals
Jonathan Runstadler

Why Washing Your Hands Well Is So Important to Protect from The Flu
Michelle Sconce Massaquoi

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